Our goal is to help make a difference in the lives of the people in the mobility challenged community.

To build a platform that will support events that highlight newly developed technologies while providing hi visibility, fund raising, end user involvement.

We chose to use NASCAR, and a NASCAR cup series race car to build our awareness platform around. NASCAR brings with it two of the three assets needed to build our awareness platform and they are hi visibility and corporate involvement. With the installation of adaptive systems in our adaptive race car we give control of the vehicle to a driver who may have lost limbs or sustained a spinal cord injury ranging from the smallest to the most extreme.

Personal Mobility

Dr. Scott Falci is a world-renowned neurosurgeon based at Craig Hospital in Denver Colorado. Dr. Falci has spent years working to improve the quality of life and to expand the limits for his patients and for the entire mobility challenged community. Through the application of cutting edge thinking and the creation of new technological innovations Dr. Falci has relentlessly pushed back the frontier. This pioneering work has resulted in the development of some amazing adaptive control strategies. Along with his colleagues, he has taken the work well beyond the theoretical and moved it into a practical environment. The technology may soon be ready for wide spread use. The implementation of these solutions will, without any measure of doubt, enhance the independence of the mobility challenged community.

Falci Adaptive Motorsports

Founded (June 2012)
Dr. Scott Falci founds Falci Adaptive Motorsports (FAM) as a non-profit to offer adaptive motorsports to the mobility-impaired community and develop adaptive technologies to satisfy the unmet needs of the mobility-impaired community

Paravette (May 2013)
FAM completes build of adaptive C5 Corvette racecar for paraplegic individuals

Test (June 2013)
“Paravette” tested and driven by paraplegic individual at High Plains Raceway in Byers, Co

Quadvette (June 2013)
Dr. Falci conceives the build of an adaptive C7 Corvette racecar for quadriplegic individuals. Dr. Falci recruits Ball Aerospace, Arrow Electronics, and Sam Schmidt for the build. Dr. Falci acts as Chief Medical Officer

Indy 500 • May 2014 Sam Schmidt drives S.A.M. car (Quadvette) at IMS during Indy 500 Race Week

Advancement into NASCAR

In Dec 2014 Dr. Falci was introduced to Furniture Row Racing through a mutual friend.  Barney Visser (the owner of the team) and Joe Garone (the Team President) were impressed by the prototype level systems that Dr. Falci and his staff had developed. Dr. Falci was seeking an opportunity to utilize his control systems in an adaptive NASCAR Monster Energy Cup Series race car. The non-competition use of this car as a show case has and will continue to accomplish several important goals. Furniture Row Racing became the founding sponsor of the NASCAR effort and agreed to build a safe, fast, track use capable, adaptive controlled race car. It was a successful collaboration.

Furniture Row Racing • December 2014 FAM partners with FRR for build of adaptive NASCAR racecar for the mobility-impaired

Adapt event 1 • October 2015 FAM Event held at PPIR in Colorado Springs with Martin Truex Jr. giving rides to paraplegic and quadriplegic individuals in the adaptive FRR # 78 Chevy NASCAR Cup Car and the Paraplegic individuals drive with hand controls

Adapt event 2 • October 2016 FAM Event held at PPIR after the build of adaptive FRR# 78 Toyota NASCAR Cup Car

Adapt event 3 • October 2017 FAM Event held at Dover Delaware’s “Monster Mile” during the NASCAR race weekend with Martin Truex Jr

Adapt event 4 • October 2018 FAM Event held at “Monster Mile” during the NASCAR race weekend with Regan Smith “Hands-free” drive technology demonstrated and used by quadriplegic participants

Scientific Research and Development (2014 – Present)

  • Stem cell line development with Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden for spinal cord injury restoration
  • “Hands-free” drive technology for cars, wheelchairs, golf carts for the mobility impaired
  • Pressure sensor technology development for skin sore prevention
  • Adaptive home systems for the mobility impaired

Every ending has a new beginning

At the end of the 2018 racing season, the sport had to bid farewell to the Furniture Row Racing team. Winning the Monster Energy Cup series championship in 2017 marked the pinnacle of achievement for their efforts. Involvement in the adaptive controlled race car project had created a passion within many members of the Furniture Row Racing team. While the organization decided not to continue their involvement in NASCAR competition, team president Joe Garone made the decision to follow his passion and pursue helping Dr. Falci in a full-time capacity. Joe partnered with Spire Sports and Entertainment based in Cornelis North Carolina, together they will be working closely with Falci Adaptive Motorsports to secure sponsorships for the program much like what we see in NASCAR today.  Falci Adaptive Motorsports will continue to utilize the NASCAR experience as a highly visible center piece of the program and will expand the reach to include not only NASCAR venues but also private events and entities.

Falci Adaptive Motorsports is “adapting” the concept of motorsport sponsorship to create a sustainable platform of awareness. The funding to continue showcasing this important technology and experience creates an opportunity for socially conscious organizations to become involved. Branding of the Falci Adaptive Motorsports race car will raise awareness for the program and enhance the profile of those involved.

While It’s true we are not racing on the track, the paint scheme and the branding space on the car is exposed to the very large, very loyal, NASCAR fan base.

A narrative of this effort can only go a certain distance to create understanding of this life changing work. Please follow these links to experience the program through the eyes of the para-community. Their faces tell the story more eloquently than any words.