• Falci Adaptive Motorsports is dedicated to advancing adaptive technologies through research and technological advancements
  • Greater mobility and independence is the end game for research at Falci Adaptive Motorsports
  • Emerging technologies in the human-machine interface that will help people compensate for their physical disabilities
  • Technologies like smart glasses will help control robotics or other devices, like a vehicle steering wheel, with nothing more than simple head movements
  • Embedded micro and flexible sensors will allow the environment to adapt to the individual’s needs
Falci Adaptive Motorsports
Falci Adaptive Motorsports is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing adaptive motorsports and the rapid advancements in adaptive technology. For those individuals who have been injured from a spinal cord injury, increased mobility and independence are key to quality of life. Through partnerships with several companies and organizations, Falci Adaptive Motorsports helps to move people with physical disabilities and paralysis forward to gaining that independence. Falci Adaptive Motorsports is part of the NASCAR racing community, building out an adaptive racecar. In some cases, certain individuals are even allowed to drive the specially-equipped NASCAR themselves. Falci Adaptive Motorsports proudly partners with these organizations: Furniture Row, Denver Mattress, Visser Precision, Toyota Racing Development(TRD), SureGrip, DireenTech, Princeton University, Craig Rehabilitation Hospital, U.S. Air Force Academy, and Falconworks.